Hello. My name’s Brooke. 

I’m 20. I live in Nashville, Tennessee. Born and raised in Wisconsin. I’m a musician.

One time I made the mistake of listening to Ed Sheeran and it’s all been down hill from there. 9/11/12, 9/12/12, 9/25/12, 12/15/12, 1/24/13, 1/25/13, 1/26/13, 3/24/13, 5/10/13, 7/17/13, 9/20/13, 6/14/14, 9/13/14.

This is my blog. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy a walk through the gift shop on your way out.

one time when i was 14 i fell OUT of a swimming pool. it was one of the inflatable ones, and i had my feet over the side so i could dive down to find my hair tie. after coming up for air a few times, my legs were completely over the edge. i didn't realize i was getting that far over, but once i did, i fell out of the pool and the edge sunk down, and water got all over my best friend's grandma's yard. i felt so bad.

awe!  at least water dries.  unless you like killed all of her flower beds or something.

i think it was around third grade or something… but i kept calling my brother a sissy because he wouldn’t jump off the swings like me and my neighbor were.  he was only like five at the time, so it was understandable why he wouldn’t, but being an older sister i had to give him shit.  so he jumped.  he didn’t complain about any type of pain for a week.  and then on mother’s day i woke up to him screaming bloody murder in his room.  ”MOM I CAN’T GET MY SHIRT ON. MY WRIST DOENS’T WORK.” …yeah, i broke my 5 year old brothers wrist….

let’s swap stories. one of yours for one of mine.